Dreams, They Really Do Come True

Last evening Grace and I went to see Susan Boyle in concert. If for any reason you have never heard of Susan she came second in the “Britain’s got Talent” contest which appeared on British TV. The song that she sang “I Dreamed and Dream” from Les Miserables took the internet by storm and launched her into a worldwide music career. Susan had obvious difficulties but her desire to sing to people was her dream. If you have never seen her introduction to the music world, look on You Tube, it will blow you away. It certainly did the judges! At the concert it was obvious that in spite of her past difficulties she had learned to press through and the audience went wild. All this brought me to the place of realising that “dreams really do come true”. One of my favourite sayings is, "If you have a dream or you are living with a prophetic word which has not yet come to pass realise this; you are nearer today to seeing its fulfilment than you were yesterday." Abraham is one of my favourite characters; he and his wife Sarah received a promise from God that they would have a child. Time went by and there was still no child so Sarah encouraged Abraham to have a child with his servant girl and a son was born. His name was Ishmael. I often refer to him as the “son of impatience." Abraham had not realised that from God’s perspective the couple were nearer than ever before to seeing the promise fulfilled where as the couple only saw that the promise each day took them further away. The story goes on to tell us that when they could do nothing themselves, God gave them the promised son who we know as Isaac. If you are still waiting on the promise to come to pass, then be encouraged you are nearer today than you were yesterday to seeing its fulfillment.

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