The Changing Face of Mission: Part 1

Those who know me will know that one of my sayings, and I have several, is “Constant change is here to stay.” Never has this been more true in this present time of world mission. Since going to Ghana in 1979, I have witnessed rapid changes in the face of missions with such questions as “what is long term mission these days” to, is “Short time mission really valid and is it a viable option?” Over the years many countries have become more careful as to whom they allow into their country with doors closing for mission as it was in the past in such countries as Brazil, India and Thailand. The criteria has changed over the years with countries insisting that those wanting to enter the country must bring with them a skill such as teaching or establish a business venture that gives training and employment to the national. All this has meant that the mission organisation has had to look at serving the national as opposed to the national simply serving them and their vision or calling, and that one throws up a number of questions. The way in which finance is used has come under greater scrutiny from the charity commissioners as well. It is no longer valid to just send money with the commission requesting a greater accountability as to how that money is used, and reporting back is vital and if possible accompanied by photographs.

In future articles I will endeavour to deal with some of the issues that I have raised and deal with others so watch this space for "A New Day is Dawning For World Mission."

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