Together We Can Make A Difference

It declares in Genesis “It is not good for man to be alone”. The truth is we were never made to be alone. I quickly discovered that it is “Together we can make a difference”. The Bible says, "a threefold chord is not easily broken." How true that is. We were never created to go it alone or for that matter do it alone. Scripture declares, “We walk together in the spirit of unity that takes us on to unity of faith.” Over the years I have seen so many trying to do it the other way around - that is look for unity of faith then unity of spirit. The truth is that this way never works. The question to ask is, “Are we one in Christ?” This unity of the spirit we then walk and “Iron sharpens Iron” and it is this that will take us on to unity of the faith. Remember we are allowed to “agree to disagree” but we can never be disagreeable. That is an attitude and is sinful! Yes together we can make the difference!

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