You Can't Get There From Here

My friend when asking directions in his car was told “You cannot get there from here”. As I reflected on this remark I know of many who have made such statements often as an excuse for not moving into His purposes for their lives saying such things as “If only I was educated, if only I had better health or the trouble is my family.” The truth is that unless you embrace where you are and bless God you will never get to where you need to be. In the book of Ephesians it declares, “Give thanks for all things.” This may sound difficult and at times it is but as you embrace the circumstances and situation you get to where you wanted to be and true freedom comes. I am reminded that He declared, “My plan for you is a good plan”. Paul and Silas were in prison and it would have been easy to complain but it records that they began to sing and as they did the door came off the prison and they were free. Why not give it a try and sing. You will find that a new journey begins.

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