Prophet & Prophecy

The prophet – seer (what do you see?)

Old Testament prophets were seers (Jeremiah 1:11-13 and 1 Samuel 9:9). Can be through a vision, inner picture, open vision, dream or trance; Amos 3:7 revelation came to the prophets prior to events. (Acts 21:11)

Both the gift of prophecy and the ministry of prophesying are for:  Edification  Exhortation  Comfort

Prophets are for:  Direction  Instruction  Correction  Motivation  Impartation

Note: in the New Testament any word given always confirms the love of God.

There 10 ways to judge a prophet:  Manhood  Ministry  Message  Maturity  Marriage  Methods  Manners  Money  Motives

Often the prophet and the apostle work in tandem The prophet gives vision the apostle tells us how to get there! The prophet is part of the what is known as the five fold ministry:  Apostles  Prophets  Evangelists  Pastors  Teachers

All these are for the: 1. Perfecting or maturing of the saints 2. Equipping the saints for the work of the ministry 3. For edifying or building up the body of Christ In church practise and worship we have the following: Tongues and interpretation (speak the wonderful works of God) Prophecy (edification, exhortation and comfort)

We need to understand that prophecy NEVER condemns but it may bring a warning.

NOTE: Conviction is from God. Condemnation is from the devil.

DISTINCTIONS BETWEEN OLD AND NEW TESTAMENT PROPHETS 1. Old Testament prophets were used in guidance, direction and enquiry of the mind and will of God 2. Old Testament prophets were used to write and produce the infallibility of scripture 3. New Testament prophets were never used in guidance and control of another person. (we all have access to God for guidance) 4. New testament prophets never spoke with infallibility they encouraged people to test the words given 5. New Testament prophets were part of a team and submitted themselves to one another

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