Read Matt.16:13-19

The conclusion on reading this scripture is:  Jesus builds the church  We proclaim the Kingdom

From the beginning of time God wanted to establish and manifest His Kingdom on the earth and for man to rule over it with Him. Throughout the Old Testament God endeavours to establish His Kingdom rule through Israel but it fails. In the New Testament John the Baptist appears and declares “the Kingdom of Heaven is near” (Matt 3:2). Jesus is baptised goes into the wilderness and on his return declares “seek first the Kingdom” (Matt 6:33). In the book of Revelation we see the Kingdom fully manifest in Rev 21.

So what is this Kingdom that Jesus talks about? And what does it look like?

Our primary call is not to build church but to take the Kingdom of God where the Kingdom of darkness is still entrenched in order for Jesus to build His church. Church you can attend but the Kingdom demands your active participation in the gospels church is mentioned three times:  Matt 16:18  Matt 18:17 (twice)  The kingdom is referred to over 120 times

We are called to preach the gospel of the Kingdom NOT the church it is this gospel of the Kingdom that ushers in the return of Jesus.

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