 It is in this world and the world to come

 It has come through Jesus redeeming all things back to the Father

 It is where the eternal God rules over all things

READ Psalm 103:19

What are the Kingdom Distinctives?

 There is a king in rightful rule over His Kingdom

 There are decrees by which the will of God is carried out

 There are subjects in this kingdom

 There are those who have roles and responsibilities to carry out the rule of the king

 There are distinctives which identify Kingdom people their culture and their values.

Jesus is the King over every king that was, is and will ever be. There is one law which rules this Kingdom unconditional love and grace. The kingdom requires holiness through worship and obedience to God. Note this law unlike the Old Testament is written not on stone but on our hearts. (Romans 2:15)

We are exalted in scripture to “Seek first the Kingdom” - Matt 6:33. Then everything is added.

The Bible speaks of two Kingdoms the Kingdom of light and of His dear son and the Kingdom of darkness we live in one or the other!

How do we become part of this Kingdom of God?

 Repentance

 Faith ( expand – What is faith etc)

 Water Baptism

 Baptism of the Holy Spirit (enables us to do what He did)

The disciples asked Jesus to teach them to pray Matt 6 this is still to be our prayer “ let your Kingdom come on earth as it is in Heaven”

It is often said that what we call the beatitudes in Matt 5 are the values of the Kingdom of God.

This Kingdom is lived out and manifested by those who are the church (Ecclesia the called out ones) the community of God who live and express Kingdom values.

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